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Introducing our Pampered King Collection, designed for the modern ruler who values high-quality, plant-based skincare. This collection features a luxurious blend of Mahogany, Tobacco, and Hennessey fragrances, complemented by subtle herbal notes. Crafted to deeply cleanse and moisturize the skin, this collection will leave the King feeling pampered and noticed.

Pampered King Collection

$109.99 Regular Price
$98.99Sale Price

Cigar Bar - enough said!  The best smelling soap for men on the market

Cigar Bar Liquid - Double down on the magic and decide which is best

Cigar Bar Lotion - Moisturize your skin with the exotic smell of royalty

Cigar Bar Oil - Use as a cologne.  Trust me, it works!

Shave Gel - Smoothe and cool application for a gentle shave.

Cigar Bar Beard Oil - This makes a soft and hydrated look with the fragrance of a true King in those intimate moments!

Organic Loofah - Exfoliate your skin for a deep cleansing feeling

Cigar Bar Candle - Set the mood with this blend of Mahogany, Tabacco, and Hennessey

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