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Our History

Unique & Natural is the product of sisterly love, creative passion and nerdy know-how.  


When, Michelle called to tell her big sister, Nikki, an engineer, that her homemade batch of salts soothed her lifelong eczema, the foundation of Unique & Natural was born. Although not yet a company, Nikki worked her creative passion formulating recipes for artistic and holistic body care remedies in the hours between her day job.

After many years of trial and error formulations and positive feedback from friends and family, Unique & Natural debuted in California in 2015. The business has quickly expanded into a small LLC, employing representatives in California, Texas, New York and Georgia.

Our Philosophy

Striving to stay natural in a world filled with everything genetically modified is an ever growing challenge.  So we stick to one rule... if the Earth naturally creates it, we want to be in harmony with it.


Our products contain:

Food Grade Flavor Oils

Certified Organic Coconut Oil

Certified Organic Olive Oil

Fair Trade Shea Butter from Ghana

Fair Trade, Organic Coffee from Cameroon Boyo

Other Fair Trade Oils (Palm, Almond, Avocado)

Freshly Ground Stone Pigments, Micas,  and/or Freshly Ground Spices for Colorants


Food Grade Potassium Hydroxide (for soaps)

Kosher & Vegan Certified Fragrance Oils

SLS Free Glycerin Soap

Vegan Certified and/or Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils


Our goal is to focus on fresh, beneficial, and peace granting nutrients that will nourish your body and please your soul!  We hope you enjoy our selection and choices for harmonizing the gifts from the planet.  Visit us often to see our new additions.


Uniquely Yours

Uniquely Natural

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