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Our Artisan Soap Loaves are Natural, Cold Processed, & Always Handcrafted.  Loafs are uncut and do not have artistic variations. (meaning they are rectangular with flat tops and do not have the cake frost topping.)


Buying soaps by the loaf is a great way to save money, share your soaps, or even resell if you looking to start you own business.


These Loaves are made fresh, when you order.  

Please allow 48 hours to process your fresh batch before shipping.  

Additionally, fresh loaves are easy to cut to your desired width but will need 6 weeks to cure after they have been cut.

Unique & Natural Cold Process Soap Loaves


6 lb Loaf (18"x"3."x2.5") - Yields approx. 18-1" wide bars (bar weighs 4.5-5 ounces dependinig upon cut)


Each Loaf measures 18"x3"x2.5"




Due to the freshness and softness of each loaf, we recommend cold process soaps be allowed to air cure for up to 6 weeks before packaging.  

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