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Available in 4 Holiday Scents
Chai Tea 
 - A Blend of Black Tea and Holiday Spices
Cranberry Moscato
 - Sweet Cranberry, Strawberry, and White Wine
Thyme Peace
 - Silky Vetiver, Cedar, Saffron, & Red Thyme
Sweet Potato Rum
 - Perfect Holiday Scent with Two Shots and & Twist!

Holiday Collections


Each Set Contains:

6oz Holiday Scented Lotion - Our silk and aloe infused lotion is only available in our  holiday collection.  A gentle, yet beautifully scented moisturizer that won't leave you oily.

4.5 oz Holiday Scented Glycerin Soap - Each bar has a special, handcrafted and artisinal design.  We've honestly created each bar to be a gift that can stand alone!  Try to fight the urge to not use it.

Botanical Body Mist - Our botanical body mists are loaded with vitamins and floral extracts.  The panthenol vitamin B5, which promotes self-healing, allows it to work for both hair and skin.  

Lotion Sugar Scrub - Our sugar scrubs are an emulsified lotion without the water.  So, when you rinse with water, you are creating lotion!  Our soulful, holiday scents blend together with organic coconut oil and shea butter to leave your skin cashmere soft!

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