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Emile Browne

Houston, Tx

"I got my soap.

1. This stuff smells amazing!!!

2. This is luxe soap

3. This stuff needs to be treated as luxe"

Chantel Jones

Dallas, Tx

"I love the Brown Sugar & Shea Bar.  If you are looking for quality products, this is it.  I have purchased more to share with my friends"

Paul Rashard

Atlanta, Ga

"Now, I have received my soap order from a certain company.  Between Friday and Tuesday, I have taken 13 showers. NO SHIT!!! To Get to the point I was making an excuse to go take a shower. I step outside for 30 seconds I  go hop in the shower. I love to lather 4-5 damn times. If I use that lavender, my body feels drained. My <bleep> looking for the bed and I'm out once I hit the damn bed in most cases. 

I better not come short of some money when it's time for me to reorder. I'll be at the pawn shop trying to get money for that soap. Lips turning white, crawling on the floor looking for some damn ghost chai tea and lavender cuts just to go run to the damn shower and <bleep>. WHY ME????? 

Unique & Natural y'all <bleelps>  wrong for this <bleep> !! I SWEAR!!!"

Balquis Jones

Midwest Heights, Wy

"Just received my soap order yesterday!!! Love the delivery time!"

Michelle Superville

Houston, Tx

"Received my 2nd order!! Let me tell you, the Loaded Oatmeal Scrub is The Business!!! Cleared my "hormonal acne" right on up. The 35+ feel me..... I also have my mom, daughters and their friends on it!! It clarifies and smooths. (No I'm not a paid advertiser) smile emoticon
Order yours today!! Same day shipping."

LaChana Hayes

Detroit, Mi

"I have received my package and I thank you for the sample. I tried the lavender soap and I loved the fragrance and the smooth feeling afterwards. The quality is comparable to soaps I purchased in Europe...You can tell that Unique and Natural Products are made with care and that equals quality."

Robin McCadney

St. Luis, Mo

"I am so elated with excitement.  I received my order today... The smells of all my soaps are so wonderful...I can not wait to use each one of them!  Mini Spa Day at Home. 

Aunyx Rene

Los Angeles, Ca

"If you haven't ordered [Unique & Natural's] handmade body soaps and oils you are missing out!  My water bill is going up 'cause I can't get out the shower.  It smells and feels so good!"

Larissa Smith

Stokie, Il

"I am thouroughly pleased with the package that came in the mail today.  Before I even opened the box, I just sat there, sniffing.  I JUST KNEW that The Cigar Bar was going to be my favorite. I am loving the new Unique & Natural Packaging!"  

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