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1 ounce slices of our natural and gourmet soaps. Sometimes there are simply too many to choose from. Enjoy.


Classic includes: The Cigar Bar, Lavender, The Bamboo Bar, Butt Naked, Spiced Ginger & Shea, Spa Relaxation, Caribbean Cheescake, Chai Tea Latte, 


Holiday Set includes: Cranberry Moscato, Sweet Potato & Rum, Thyme Peace, Spiced Ginger & Shea, Cigar Bar, Chai Tea Latte, Ginger Berry, & Herbal Coconut & Fig


Top Picks Includes:  Cigar Bar, Lavender, Spa Relaxation, Eucalyptus & Mint, Caribbean Cheesecake, Cilantro & Lime, Moraccan Mimossa, Activated Charcoal


Soap Sampler Set - 8 w/Tin