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Why Use Handmade & Handcrafted Body Care...?


...because of the freshness, wholesomeness, and little to no altering of the ingredients.  And that's just a few reasons to stick to the tradition of the handmade care put into our products. Nature understands timing and all that perfection yields nutrition packed in seeds, stems, roots, leaves, bark, soil, etc. - not to mention elements in harmony with themselves, singing to the tune of protection and healing.  To avoid unnatural substances, harmful preservation methods, and stay in harmony with the elements we batch our products with earthly ingredients.  Enjoy!



















Unique & Natural does not promote, and is not qualified to suggest the internal use of any indredient to treat a medical condition; nor is it our intent to make claims pertaining to external use.  All information regarding products and ingredients are based upon therapeutic knowlege from research into plant based attributes, aromatherapy, and some medical research. Please seek the advisement of a medical professional for any diagnosis or treatment. 

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The Oat is a grain which is high in fiber and known for reducing cholesterol. When used in skin care products, oats help to reduce itching and inflammation.   When finely ground, oats result in a colloid (small particles that immerse in fluid but don't settle).  Colloidal oatmeal is can be used to ease roseacea, ezcema, poison ivy/oak, acne, dry skin, insect bites, sun burn, and so much more.